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Type 190-AL Left–Hand Spiral Drill

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HSS Magnum Super Premium 135° split point drills will substantially outperform cobalt drills in work harding stainless steel applications.

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Type 190-AL Magnum Super Premium
    Type 190-AL HSS Left–Hand Spiral 135° Split point
    Left hand spiral drill may lossen the bolt stud while drilling a hole for use of
    the screw or bolt extractor.
    • Ideal for drilling broken studs or bolts.
    • 135° split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without center punch.
    Type 190-AL Magnum Super Premium DOWNLOAD: HSS Type 190-AL Drill


Type 421-AG Studout™ Screw, Stud and Pipe Extractors
    Type 421-AG Studout™ Square Style Screw, Stud and Pipe Extractor
    • The square shape of these extractors gives the tools the ability to remove broken bolts, screws and pipes with minimum deformation of the broken part.
    • These extractors will not chew up or expand the object being removed
    TO REMOVE THE BROKEN THREAD PART: Drill a hole in the end of the broken part ( Left–hand spiral heavy duty drills are recommended for this drilling operation ) insert extractor, then turn counterclockwise using a wrench on the exposed end of the extractor.
    Type 421-AG Square Style Forged Hi-Carbon Steel DOWNLOAD: Type 421-AG Forged Hi–Carbon Steel


Type 420-AL Broken Bolt Remover Combo