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Committed to Quality, Consistency, Service and Value

Committed to Quality  at Consolidated Toledo Drill begins with the finest tool steel we can buy and ends with the world class products in our catalog. Our cutting tools are designed, engineered and superbly crafted to provide long lasting durability. Our 100,000 Sq. Ft. Saint. Paul, Minnesota manufacturing facility is specifically designed for the unique task of efficient high quality cutting tool manufacturing.

Consistency  is a natural by-product of our experience and dedication to quality. Consolidated Toledo Drill, skilled machine operators working with the world’s finest raw materials have the capability of providing you with consistent high quality products time after time, year after year. On our Magnum Super Premium products, we routinely cut recognized tool tolerance standards by one half to insure that our customers receive drills manufactured to the tightest possible specification and utmost in consistency and accuracy.

All materials used at Consolidated Toledo Drill meet the rigorous qualifications of National Aerospace Standard (NAS) 907. This standard, recognized as the most stringent in the industry precludes the use of lower quality steels which do not hold up under rigorous applications. The use of these extreme high quality materials insures that consistency is built in to every one of our U.S. manufactured products.

Service  is what makes our business and your business grow. From the time you place your order either by FAX: 800-227-1793 or PHONE: 800-328-4655 customer service number, we are committed to fast and efficient service. We provide same day shipment whenever possible. With our accurate forecasting and inventory control system, Consolidated Toledo Drill provide our customers with one of the highest order fill rates our the industry. Our customer service goal is to provide you with your order on time, every time.

Here at Consolidated Toledo Drill, you will always be offered the option of speaking to a Customer Service Representative to solve those particularly difficult application or delivery problems. While we employ Voice messaging and Fax service, we know that sometimes it is essential to talk to a PRO at the factory. Consolidated Toledo Drill wants to make absolutely sure that you get the right product as quickly as possible every time you place an order with us.

Value is the end focus of our effort. By combining high product quality and consistency with intensive service, we provide our customers with the highest possible value in U.S. Manufactured Cutting Tools. Our extensive selection of U.S. Manufactured Cutting Tools is designed to give you the right tool at the right price for whatever tough job you come up against.