Consolidated Toledo Drill - Drill, Taps, and Specialty Tools

Consolidated Toledo Drill

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Consolidated Toledo Drill - Drill Bits
HSS Drill Bits

Cryo/Nitride Jobber length 135° Split Point the nitride coating creates a case hardened surface that resistant to rust, heat and extends tool life.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Taps and Dies
HSS Dies & Taps

Spiral Point Taps are designed for machine tapping through holes. Straight Flute Hand Taps can be used by hand or tapping under power. NEW!! Spiral Hi–Helix Flutes Semi–Bottoming Taps.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Annular Cutters and MDB Section
Annular Cutters & MBD

Using the Latest manufacturing and design technology to provide hole–cutting solutions for a wide range of industries.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Display, Cabinets and Indexes
Display, Cabinets, Indexes

Cost effective tool management and storage systems, which eliminates wasted time searching, the safest way to store sharp tools.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Specialty Tools
Specialty Tools

We offer a wide range of specialty tools including:Acrylic drills, Countersinks, Left-hand Spiral drills, CAR & Bridge Length Reamers, Titanium Nitride Ultra bit™ Multi Diameter drills.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Carbide Burrs Section
Premium Carbide Burrs

Double Cut is the most popular burr for ferrous applications. Aluma Cut is used on Aluminum, Non-ferrous metals, Soft steel, Reinforced plastics and other soft materials.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Cutting Tool Sets Section
Cutting Tool Sets

RED – Ultra Dex 29pc. Cryo/Nitride Jobber Length drills. Variety of sizes of sets, ranging from 4pc. tool sets up to 115pc. sets.


Consolidated Toledo Drill - Definition of Coating
Three – Coating Styles

Coating hardness is measured in HV (Hardness in Vickers) Heat treat M2 as base drills before coating would measure 880 HV (65RC).