Consolidated Toledo Drill - Drill, Taps, and Specialty Tools

Consolidated Toledo Drill

America´s Finest High Speed Cutting Tools™

Toledo Drill — Drilling Action

Car Reamers - Fast Spiral

These reamers are especially designed for the reaming of structural steel plates, commonly found in truck frames, rail cars, bridges and pressure vessels.


HSS Heavy-Duty NAS 907B

Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel, a 135° split point for fast peneration and accurate starting without a center punch.


Step Drill Ultra Bit™

Use for all thin metals, rigid plastics, wood or composite materials with a thickness equal to or less than the step thickness.


Carbide Tipped Holecutters

CHC-AG for up to 3/16" steel and CHD-AG up to 1" thick steel are made with Ultra Hard Tungsten Carbide teeth for cutting through tough alloys.


Left-Hand Spiral Drill

Left hand spiral drill may loosen the bolt stud while drilling a hole for use of the screw or bolt extractor.