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Type 190-AG — 135° Split Point NAS 907B

Type 190-AG Magnum Super Premium

Low temperature stress reliefimproves lubricity and toughness.
Manufactured to NAS 907B specification from Premium Hi-molybdenum steel.
Magnum will substantially outperform cobalt drills in work hardening stainless steel and other tough drilling applications.
Manufactured in the USA.

Type 190-AG HSS Heavy-Duty NAS 907B

Type 128-AG — HSS 3/8" Reduced Shank

Type 128-AG Magnum Super Premium

135° Split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without center punch.
Precision ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for the ultimate in accuracy and performance.
Manufactured in the USA.

HSS Type 128-AG 3/8" Reduced Shank

Type 170-AG — METRIC 135° SP NAS 907 B

Type 170-AG Magnum Super Premium

Withstands substantially higher drilling temperatures while maintaining sharpness.
Recommended for use in work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drilling applications.
Manufactured in the USA.