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PRODUCT CATALOG >> High Speed Steel Screw Machine Length NAS 907C

Screw Machine Length 135° Split point

Type 135-AG — Screw Machine Length 135° Split Point

Special Hi–Moybdenum tool steel.
Gold oxide treated body and clearance for maximum lubricity.
Heavy-Duty Construction 135° split point no center punch needed — "Will Not Walk".
Recommended for work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drilling application.

Super Premium Screw Machine Length 135° Split Point


Why is stainless steel difficult to drill?

  Stainless steel isn’t the hardest metal around, but it is challenging to work with. The biggest issue is the risk of work hardening. If the cutting speed of the drill is too high and the feed is too slow, the heat generated can harden the material – making cutting more difficult.

  Work hardening can cause stress to machinery and drill bits, shortening their life and increasing the chance of breakage.

  Steel has low thermal conductivity, which means heat doesn’t dissipate quickly. This can lead to heat building up on the cutting edge, which can cause damage and deterioration.

  The strength of the material makes it resistant to chipping, which can lead to a build-up of material around the edges of holes, lessening their strength.

  Stainless steel is also highly ductile, which means it stretches more than other metals, making it harder for the bit to remove chips.