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PRODUCT CATALOG >> Hex Nut Drive & Bridge Reamers

Type 52-AG — Hex Drive Bridge Reamer

Type 53-AG — Hex Drive Car Reamer

Type 52-AG — Hex Drive Bridge Length Reamer

Type 52-AG & Type 53-AG — Designed for aligning and enlarging holes in structural steel,bridge and ship building.
Type 53-AG — Short length for use in tight areas.
Hex shank is engineered to enable use in impact sockets for pneumatic and electric power tools.
Gold oxide — low temperature stress relief that enhances lubricity, reduces friction and increases toughness.
Manufactured in the USA.

Hex Drive Bridge & Car Length Reamer

The typical reamer is a rotary cutting tools designed to machine a previously formed hole. to an exact diameter with a smooth finish. But other types are used to remove burrs from. the inside of pipes & drilled holes and to enlarge and align holes for fasteners.